Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Doll & Dots || Parisian Inspired in Wax Poetic Clothing

The word of the day is classic, starring a Wax Poetic Clothing frock named for Audrey Hepburn's famous role of Sabrina.  In this film, Sabrina "finds herself" in the city of love, and develops her mature & elegant transformation there.  With France in mind, Parisian-inspired dots and opulent statues proved a dreamy pairing.

The Sabrina dress is the epitome of 1950's femininity, and a treasure for any girl who has always lived for being a girl!  I think my Barbie-collecting, doll-obsessed childhood squealed with joy when slipping into this piece.  To intensify the adoration, Sabrina's vintage aesthetic demanded a proper 50's Vogue-worthy styling mindset... and so, a bouffant & pearls seemed more than appropriate.  

Wax Poetic Clothing is a 100% American made brand, and I'm proud to highlight this passionate small-business boutique.  Kindly offering a treat for my readers, use code: ChicagoChic for 10% off anything on the site!

Sponsored by Wax Poetic Clothing
Use code: ChicagoChic for 10% off!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Glamorous Lines || Satin Strapless by Secrets in Lace

"Glamorous lines," just as the vintage maidenform ad states.... talk about vintage-inspired!  Secrets in Lace recreated the perfect strapless bra, giving the most beautiful & smooth silhouette.  Made of satin and sheer fabrics, light boning shapes the cups while a soft elastic band replace underwire, allowing for endless hours of comfort!  I previously introduced this piece in black, but just had to have the white as well.  I love the authentic feel, just like the maidenform original.

Also introducing today my newest obsession: the Ava Outline Heel stocking.  This little fully fashioned outline is daring yet demure, classic yet unique.  I find little interesting deviations to be actually overtly vintage-inspired, as original novelty ideas were very much celebrated.  Distinct details were a concept of glamour, and one of the many reasons I adore vintage fashion.  Ava has a beautiful SIL signature welt, which you are bound to see soon - I may never take them off!

Joining me, is my own trusty sidekick Winston!  He may not act as posh as his British heritage would suggest, but a true hound he is... and beagle owners will sympathize as he nearly carries me away tracking a scent! :o

Sponsored by Secrets in Lace
Ava Outline Heel Stockings

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Happy 1 Year MAIR || Anniversary Interview

Happy 1 year anniversary to my glamorous sponsor, MAIR Fragrance!  In honor of this celebratory occasion, enjoy this interview with Mair herself, all about the journey of this luxurious eau de parfum brand:

Q: Have you always had a passion for fragrances?
A: Oh yes! I was the one that would spend a good 2 hours at perfume counters sniffing everything. If you would have told me then that I would have my own brand of fine fragrances I definitely would have laughed at the thought. Fragrances were something I just enjoyed to smell and wear. So looking at where I am now, I am living a dream.

Q: Tell us how the MAIR brand began?
A: My brand's beginning is a wild one in that it began with my signature. I was a receptionist a few years ago and happened to be signing a document when a VP by the name of Van Wilson walked in, saw it and said, "Mair, I can see this on a perfume bottle." I couldn't shake it after he said that for the next three years.  Every time I would hear my name I would hear perfume instead. So I just dove into the art of perfume making and never looked back.

Q: What separates MAIR from mainstream fragrance brands?
A: There are two main differences. The craftsmanship of 'Remember When' was made according to the French tradition of perfume making.  The second, we distilled directly from raw ingredients from our gardens in Morocco, Italy, France and Egypt, which is why people that are normally sensitive to mainstream perfumes can easily enjoy Remember When.

Q: As a go-getter entrepreneur, what have you learned since starting your own business, and what advice would you give to others thinking of doing the same?
A: Oh gosh, I'm still learning, but I've learned that you cannot do it by yourself. Who you choose to be apart of your core team is incredibly important. It may be my name up there, but there is a crowd of people you don't see pushing and working equally as hard, making sure all stays well. 

My advice to other entrepreneurs is simple, stay true to your vision. You're going to get a lot of advice and opinions on how you should run your business, or improve your service or product from other people. But the best guide is your instinct. Follow it, listen to it, and you'll be fine.

Q: What is your vision for MAIR for the future?
A: My vision for MAIR is for it be a fashion hub of fragrances and apparel for men and women

Q: We at the Chicago Chic team are beyond honored to partner with a brand who values quality, luxury, and timeless glamour.  In what ways does MAIR embody the "glambassador" mindset?
A: MAIR is definitely a luxury brand, it's all about happily letting loose and indulging in the finer things of life. Everything is so casual these days, yet we adopt the glambassador mindset by visually showing you our interpretation of the glam lifestyle - from what she wears, to what she eats, down to even where she sleeps.

Thank you so much Mair!  One year is only the beginning, and we're excited to watch all of exciting  future plans come into fruition!  

Sponsored by MAIR
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