Sunday, January 22, 2017

Gilded || Fleurs & Silk with MAIR

Wrapped in silk, with a golden flower in my hair... 

Today's 40's look is feminine decadence at it's finest, thanks to my luxurious silk scarf by MAIR.  You previously saw my introduction to this glamorous piece in a holiday post, and the glam continues today with victory rolls & dainty floral accents.

Speaking of luxury, spritzing MAIR's "Remember When" has never been easier, thanks to my trusty luxury scent box.  With notes of jasmin, Italian Bergamot & Amber, I always feel glamorous and refreshed, anywhere I go.  Luxury Scent Box provides a service of fragrance specialists to match you with your perfect scent, and you can even choose your fragrance via their monthly subscription.  It is a brilliant idea for anyone wanting to add a little glamour each day, even on the go.

Sponsored by MAIR Fragrance
MAIR Regal Scarf
Remember When by MAIR
Luxury Scent Box - Receive $5.00 off your first month for first time members with Promo Code: CHICAGOCHICBLOG

{Niccoco Creations hair flower // similar skirt}

In memory of my dad, Stay Gold!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Poodles & Polka Dots || Coquette in Secrets in Lace

Valentine's Day is on the way!  Today's look is a flirty one, where sweet-meets-sultry in pink & black.  Poodles, polka dots, & a velvet beret feel Parisian posh, while a matching bullet adds a touch of oh-la-la.  I always feel extra chic in my Secrets in Lace polka dot stockings, and my pink bullet has clearly been on repeat for months now!

Sponsored by Secrets in Lace
Pink Satin Bullet Bra
Vintage Dot RHT Stocking
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{Lady Jane Vintage hat & earrings // Atelier Jensen bespoke skirt // similar shoes // similar faux fur gloves}

Monday, January 16, 2017

Winter Woods || Seattle Part 2

The Pacific Northwest, particularly Seattle, has quite the untamed past & was essentially & truly the wild west.  Two key factors drew settlers to this area: logging & The Klondike Gold Rush.  Seattle was considered the place to be outfitted for the journey to Alaska & the city became a household name.  Fires, lynchings, massacres, drownings, & violence riddled the area's past, but finally in the late 1800's, dockworkers, cigarmakers, tailors, brewers & musicians arrived just in time for the gold fever Panic of 1893.

Every time we visit my mom in this area, I have two goals: spend a day in the city, and spend as much time in the surrounding areas for a change of scenery - beautiful mountains, trees, streams & farms are endless in Washington.  Today is part 2 of my holiday trip recap, and all about the beauty and greenery of the forests.

Of course, I would prefer "glamping" as DVT says, to camping... so today is my glam version of doing woods.  :)

Atelier Jensen skirt
Top Vintage sweater
White Purls hat
Lady Jane Vintage brooch
Unique Vintage faux fur
Secrets in Lace cream stockings
Similar oxford heels