Monday, January 12, 2015

First Snow || Satin Orchard Corset CS-426 Short


We've had a pretty warm warm winter so far, especially for Chicago.... we didn't have a white Christmas and the temperatures were around 40 degrees up until just recently.  I'm not sure why everyone complains so much when Winter actually arrives - a snowy cold scene is one of my favorite things about living here!  I took today's photos when the first snow fall was just upon us a couple weeks ago.  It was pure magic and the insulated air was almost warm.  My coat was just about 1 foot away but I took it off so that you could see the gorgeous corset which I'm featuring today!  You might remember when I featured the 426 Longline from Orchard Corset in this post and how much I raved about it being smooth and comfortable.  Many of you expressed your sadness that the longline would only fit those with longer torsos.  Well I'm so happy to announce that OC just released the same style but in a "short" version!  The CS-426 Short provides all the benefits of smooth lines, comfort, and no skin puckering at the top but in a size that will fit almost any torso length.  Although my torso is long enough for me to wear the longline, this shorter version makes sitting and mobility so much easier.  It has officially become my new favorite for day to day stealthing.

Many of you know that I recently had a custom corset made for me.  Although I highly recommend custom, it is expensive and I like to save my custom pieces for special occasions and for the right garments which will need that certain shape.  For day to day use and for certain outfits, Orchard Corset is the absolute best quality for the OTR you can find.  Their prices are unbeatable and they will always be my go-to.  I love that their variety of styles actually provides the right kind of curves that you can choose for any occasion or outfit.  Eventually I want a closet full of just custom & OC corsets... as of right now, that's my plan!  I'll be talking about corset training much more in depth soon, as I know I've promised and I'm excited to share my progress and discoveries with you all.



Coset :: Orchard Corset
Dress :: Tatyana
Gloves :: Vintage
Hat :: Niccoco
Stockings :: Silkies
Shoes :: Similar


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