Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Purple Satin || Pinup Girl Clothing "Isabelle Dress"


The Pinup Girl Clothing Isabelle Dress by Laura Byrnes pretty much embodies everything I love in a dress.  It is made of luxurious satin accented by black lace, and it has an hourglass enhancing fitted shape with an almost mermaid-like ruffled hemline.  I adore the long hemline - it is so flattering, and exudes such a glamorous formal gown elegance.  You are probably familiar with Pinup Girl Clothing, but if you are a not, you need to be.  They create gorgeous vintage reproduction garments, flattering the female form in every shape, being a true example of the fact that beauty is not a size.  As a corset-wearing pinup, I have found that every single piece accentuates the vintage-inspired curves I love to create.  This is the first of a little series of Pinup Girl Clothing garments I'll be featuring, so stay tuned for much more!



Shoes :: Unique Vintage
Gloves :: Prada {similar}
Dotted Veil :: Niccoco Creations


  1. So beautiful, your shape looks amazing in this dress! I haven't had the money to buy a PUG dress yet but I can tell it will be worth it when I do x

    Sarah - Lipstick and Dresses

  2. Came across your blog and I'm like wow you are beautiful, And the dress is amazing.

    Love it :)

  3. Pretty!


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